Analysis and optimization of mobility networks

European Union's Horizon 2020

What's SIADE?

Siade SaaS is an intelligent, intuitive and visual system designed for optimal management of transport networks through mass data analysis.

With the GIS (Geographic Information System) implementation, passanger records are analyzed in combination with geographic

No installation is required and users have online access to all functionalities. Its attractive and intuitive design, facilitates the use of the application.

The digital transformation of urban transport is key to move towards a smart city model. Siade SaaS guarantees this evolution, providing all the levels of information necessary for the optimization of a transport network.


  • GIS (Geographic Information System) representation of user mobility patterns, inferred by the SIADE SaaS algorithms, which guarantee obtaining the destination without investment in devices or surveys.

  • Analysis of the groupings of buses in the same line, and the events with other lines with which they share sections in their routes.

  • Percentage of average occupation of a vehicle for a certain line, route and time zone

  • Calculation of the average speed and the elapsed time of a bus for each line and section, taking into account climatic factors, traffic...

  • Calculation of distance between two points, total route of the line, slope of each section of the route of a line, as well as detailed spatial analysis.

  • Panoramic view of a specific area of ​​the city, for a better orientation and visualization of the environment.

  • Execution of personalized searches on the database.

  • Inclusion of traffic data at a specific time.

Graphics of SIADE


Data Mining

Through the exhaustive extraction of large amounts of information , we get patterns and trends in the data, useful for later use in the optimization of transport networks.


With extensive experience in Geographic Information Systems, we achieve accurate and rapid manipulation, analysis and modeling of data with spatial reference.

Artificial intelligence

The application of Artificial Intelligence represents a unique and differential element. The processes of learning, reasoning and self-correction ( machine learning ) translates the management of transport into a new era, in which for the first time we will have the certainty of how our decisions will improve the mobility of citizens.



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